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The company AR Solution Specialist CC was formed during 2017.

AR Solution Specialists is perfectly qualified to complete any task at hand with professionalism and perfection as the ultimate aim.

We are able to offer a full spectrum of services to the Petroleum Industry as well as other industries in Namibia.

"Qualified to complete

any task at hand with

professionalism and perfection."

AR Solution Specialists strives for excellence in work ethics and service provision.  To adhere to these values, we embrace the following principles:

Health & Safety

High premium is placed on

Health and Safety.

We regard ourselves

as a leader in this field and

we have established a clear

strategic framework to ensure

that these principles are

implemented and sustained.

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We believe in

sound and sustainable


with our business partners.

For us, it is vital to focus

on vertical growth relating

to quality service

rather than quantity service.

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We pride ourselves

in the use of the most

advanced technical

equipment available.

Our objective

is to continually expand

and enhance our

infrastructure and equipment.

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We invest in our personnel,

therefore ensuring and maintaining

a low employee turnover.  It is

imperative for our organisation

to ensure that the required human

capacity and resources are

developed and managed in a

socially responsible manner.

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We enhance and improve high expectations and culture of success with regard to:


Over 50 year experience in managing successful businesses

Expertise in starting up businesses and transforming them into successful companies

40 years expertise and experience in the Petroleum Industry

Over 50 years of expertise and experience in Technical and Construction Industries

40 years of experience in the Petroleum Industry

Over 20 years of experience and expertise

Administrative & Logistics
Technical & Construction
Management Excellence
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